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T-Joy SaBbio

Laia Broadcaster SaBbio

Three-dimensional PTZ joystick for camera pan, tilt and zoom. 11.6 "touch screen. Different recording functions: Real-time transmission, synchronous recording, recording in film mode ...

Professional streaming and realization.Laia T-Joy SaBbio is the best solution for conference rooms, auditoriums or churches where transmission quality is paramount. In addition, thanks to its three-dimensional joystick and the capture of its 7 cameras via HDMI and SDI, you will have the perfect professional production and production tool.

Control, production, recording and streaming in a single device. Laia Broadcaster SaBbio is the most comprehensive AV production tool today. Thanks to its intuitive software you can carry out the first professional experience with the Laia T-Joy SaBbio in just a few sessions. Don’t you believe us? Test it!

Main features

  • Three-dimensional PTZ joystick for camera pan, tilt and zoom.
  • 11.6 "touch screen.
  • Capture 7 HDMI and SDI cameras.
  • Professional production and production tool. .
  • Streaming and recording.
  • Video output format in MP4.
  • Different recording functions: Real-time streaming, synchronous recording, movie mode recording, resource mode recording, manual and robotic guidance, one-click streaming and recording, local channel playback, online player, double conductance mode.

Technical characteristics

  • Linux operating system.
  • 11.6 "LCD touch panel.
  • Three-dimensional PTZ joystick.
  • Maximum resolution of 1080p @ 60fps.
  • Standard RTMP protocol.
  • Supports 4 RS485 and 4 RS232 interfaces.
  • Standard data storage with 1TB SATA hard drive, up to 4TB.


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