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Laia Cute PC Pro

Cute PC Pro, Laia’s most compact USB camera for personal use. Compact and easy to use design.USB connector for WIndows and Mac. FullHD, high quality audio and video

The Laia Cute PC Pro captures 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, along with its 3D noise reduction algorithm, the Laia PC Pro will manage to significantly eliminate image noise, achieving sharp productions even in reduced light spaces.
Clear sound emission and professional audio pickup thanks to its 2 digital echo cancellation microphones that will provide perfect coverage for a small meeting space.

Main features

  • Video FullHD 30 fps, with a professional lens to offer a crystal clear and fluid video.
  • Autofocus facial recognition
  • Compatible with all PC, Mac and Chromebook-based video conferencing solutions: Skype, Teams, Webex, Zoom, Hangouts, goFacing or GotoMeeting among others.
  • 2 digital pro microphones, with echo cancellation and noise reduction.
  • USB 2.0 compatible with PC, MAC, Linux and Chrome Book.
  • Thanks to the CMOS sensor and the use of 2D and 3D algorithms, as well as its WDR capacity, a sharp image is obtained in demanding light environments.
  • 3 years Prime Support warranty


Ficha Laia Cute PC Pro

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Datasheet Laia Cute PC Pro

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