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Serie One Touch

Soundbar 4K camera with 5x digital zoom, four beamforming mic array and one 8W speaker. Smooth Not Group Autoframing. RF remote control.120 degree HFOV.

  • Best in Class Audio

    When we say best in class audio, we mean it. Featuring UHD high fidelity, echo cancellation, dynamic noise reduction, full duplex, DSP audio processing and a 4X beam forming mic array, your virtual meeting will feel like an intimate in person one.

  • UltraOptix

    Utilizing advanced imaging technology, Ultraoptix reduces 3D video noise. The result is a balanced image that renders the image with a clarity and sharpness that creates a more defined image.

  • Groundbreaking 4K Optics

    Utilizing the highest quality sensors and a multi-glass lens, the One Touch all in one camera brings you the sharpest best in class image that makes your video conference feel like you are sitting together in the same room.

  • Perfect Your Lighting

    Wired backlighting, the room is dark, super bring lights washing out the image? Adjust the exposure, brightness, backlighting and more on screen all via the remote!


Angekis AOT-01

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