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Digital Infrared Radiator

CR-TIR-RD1 Digital Infrared Radiator  is the infrared radiation device with wide radiating angle and long radiating distance, receiving carrier signal of infrared transmitter and emiting the carrier to digital infrared receivers. Compliant to IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914. Compatible with any other IR system compliant to IEC 61603-7. Maximum radiation range up to 76 meters. Cable delay compensation for differences in cable lengths between transmitter and radiators. Half-power / full-power the operating mode can be selected with a switch. Synchronization on/off with transmitter. Connection to connect further radiators in a daisy chain.

Controls and Indicators

  • Input signal indicated with the radiation LED
  • Output power switch
  • Delay compensation LCD
  • Delay compensation buttons(-/+)



  • HF input and output connectors(2 x BNC) for connection to transmitter and loop-through to other radiators


Technical Specifications

Electrical and optical

  • Modulation…………………………DQPSK, according to IEC61603-7
  • Modulation frequency: Carriers 0 to 5, 2 to 6 MHz, according to IEC 61603-7. Carriers 6 to 7; Up to 8 MHz
  • Angle of half intensity: ± 25°
  • HF input: Nominal 1 Vpp,75 Ohm
  • HF output: 1 Vpp,6V DC,75Ohm
  • Power Supply: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max. Power: 36W
  • Static Power: 3W
  • Automatic switching-on voltage level: 100mV Radiating signal
  • Radiation distance: 76m 


  • Mounting: Wall mounting bracket VIS-RAM1,ceiling mounting, mounting plates for floor stands.
  • Dimension h x w x d (mm):  208x453X230
  • Weight: 7KG
  • Color: Deep Grey


Ficha CR-TIR-RD1

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