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Creative Video Wall Controller

G413 Creative video wall controller. Combining with pre-defined display modes, multiple unit cascade and friendly OSD operation, G413 can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position without PC or software. It is pure hardware standalone system that can connect with multiple input sources for any kind of LCD, TV or monitor. Users will benefit with great effectiveness, flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use.

Main items Functions Description
General description   4 screen LCD video wall controller with preset display modes and allow user to create all kinds of irregular creative video wall
Main function Video processor 10-bits
LCD to be controlled via one processing box 4
Multiple unit cascade Yes (more than 10 boxes)
Video wall with portrait display Yes, no need to rotate source image
Video wall with PIP/POP Yes
Support 4k/2k @60hz input without compression Yes (up to 7680*1200 @30Hz)
Preset modes selected by OSD Yes (22 preset modes)
Input & Output Video Input Ports  1x DP 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0b, 1x VGA
Video Output ports 4x HDMI 1.4
Output resolution to each LCD 1920*1080P
Loop out port for daisy chain connection HDMI 4k/2k @60Hz or 7680*1200 @30Hz
Audio Output HDMI embedded audio
System synchronization Frame Lock
HDCP compliant for HDMI / DisplayPort HDMI: HDCP V2.2, DP: HDCP V1.4
Image rotation Image 90/180/270 flip and rotation up to 4k/60 Yes (Entire video wall image)
Preset Mode 22 preset modes Selected from OSD through remote controller or Ethernet
Preset modes are editable to meet different bezel size and installation condition requirements.
Advanced Video Wall setting Display Unit (group) and cascade One G413 can control 4x LCD (as one [Display Unit]). Multiple display units can be cascaded.
Maximum signal resolution cropped for video wall when apply 4k/2k source signal.
  • Video wall with one G413 (4x LCD):
G413 will shrink 4k/2k image to FHD, then split into different sections and scale up to FHD for each LCD.
  • Video wall with 4x G413 (16x LCD):
Each G413 can crop one full HD image from 4k/2k and achieve high quality 4k/2k/60Hz video wall.
Position shift in entire [Display Unit] +_ 1800 pixels in horizontal and vertical directions for multiple [Display Unit] cascade alignment
Irregular creative display modes created by user Through remote controller or Galign PC tool
Overall video wall image aspect ratio adjustment 25% to 200% in H&V with 1% interval continuously
Overall video wall image position shift The range is subject to aspect ratio adjustment. Maximum is from 25% to 200%
Looping playback Seamless looping playback for different display modes Up to 10 display modes with selectable time interval from 1 second to 600 seconds.
Image shift for LCD protection Image position shift to prevent LCD from burn-in mark Using playback function to achieve it
PIP (picture in picture) and POP (Side by Side) PIP (picture in picture on entire video wall)
  • PIP image size is from 320*180 to 1920*1200
  • Flexible position across entire video wall.
  • PIP image size and aspect ratio can be adjusted through Overlap function
  • Main & PIP input source is swappable
POP (show side by side image on entire video wall)
  • Full screen or keep original signal aspect ratio.
  • Two images can be side by side or top/down
High end 3D motion adaptive de-interlace in PIP/POP Yes
Limitation in PIP/POP function
  • Source: only one HDMI, DP & VGA source can be displayed on PIP/POP screen.
  • PIP Overlap function is only available up to 4k/30 input resolution.
  Video processing 10 bits high end video processor with 4:4:4 full bandwidth uncompressed color sampling 3D motion adaptive de-interlace, smooth edge algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode processing
High quality video and graphics scaling up/down Yes
Color adjustment (Hue, saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness, preset modes, discrete RGB adjustment) Applied to 4 LCD at the same time
System control for easy use Full function IR Remote controller Yes
Cabled IR Receiver Extender Can be extended up to 20m via audio cable
Ethernet control and operation via LAN or WiFi Yes
Setup and control through USB Yes
ASCII control protocol over RS-232 & Ethernet Yes
[GAlign] PC tool for easy image alignment Yes
Auto Shut off output signal when input is missing Yes
Selectable EDID resolution for optimized video quality Yes
Ear mount Option
Power supply Dual power supply system, when use AC power supply, DC jack can provide DC12V 1A output power AC: 100-240V/0.25A or DC 12V/2A
Power consumption: 13.2W
Dimension & weight Only Box body, not including remote controller, power supply and packing 440x160x44mm, 2.4kg


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